The Call

Everyone has a friend or acquaintance who’s somewhat difficult to reach. In spite of our sporadic, laborious contact attempts, we eventually managed to meet at a common friend’s place for the photos… And they had to have some iconic Rio view as a background.

_DSC0035-4 Shaffer

Space Invaders
(They Came to Save Us)

A contact leads to a little known place, that somehow  symbolizes the changes undergoing in his life. Also an opportunity for a moment of  recreation during the photo session.


Blending in with the City

Marc had been struggling to get back for good to the city he loves so much. He agreed that this picture somehow depicts his will to merge back with the city.


The Architect

An architect, passionate about his work, happens to visit Rio and to stay right in front of one of the most iconic buildings in town. The National Hotel was once part of a now failed and abandoned plan, by progessist architects and city planners like Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, to give Rio an entire new, more democratic face. 


Heygate Johnny

Johnny lives just a few blocks from a huge 1970’s housing project that was being demolished as part of a gentrification process happening in his area, in South London. That was the place he chose to be portrayed for sentimental reasons


Change Comes, Like a Thief in The Night

Also a photographer, with interesting works in nude, Colton had never been on the other side of the lens. An interaction that was not just fun, but enlightening.

030 _DSC3964

Tale of a City

An activist, fighting for a greater participation of citizens in city planning, and a guy who happened to live right at the verge of the unchecked high rise developments that have been plaguing what was once a bucolic colonial town in Brazil. 
A tale of dealing with the devil and the prices to be paid.


Nata Goiaba

An architect visiting town for carnival. Access to a location in the once thriving, now abandoned city center and it’s high rises from past decades, now decaying. 
This photo was the happy winner of the French Normal Magazine’s  #07, Male Edition contest.


Pleasure Pier

The exploration of a friend’s fetishes to be registered in photos led to the discovery of this secluded  location in northeastern Brazil.


World Cup

The innaugural match of 2014’s World Cup, that literally paralysed the country, was a perfect opportunity to explore possibilities of photographing in “impossible” places, like this 8-lane  trhoughfare in Rio. Just add a buddy willing to be in those places and we’re all set.

IMG_1495 Shaffer

The Stage

The first day of 2015 marked the fulfilling of an old wish: to photograph in a theatre. Thanks to an unexpected contact with access to one of the main stages in my hometown this series was made.


Not a Gated Community

A tourist visiting, interested in the project. A little trespassing, a few lights here and there. All very quick, before someone passes on the road behind us.


Gavea Tourist Hotel

You eventually find about this huge building from the 1950’s that was supposed to be a luxury hotel, perched high in a mountain in Rio. All it takes is a couple of friends who share your passion for abandoned places, and lots of care to get to the top of it and have some images made.


Lightrapping in the Making

In 2015 a short movie was made, inspired by the “Read the Profile” project. As I followed the cast and crew during the filming, I managed to get some of them to go through a little of the process involved in the project and had some images done between the movie shots.

120 _MG_4842

Bodhi Tree

In a trip to the US, I met Dirk, whose  journey from coast to coast also led to a much more  relevant inner journey. In his workplace serendipity did its trick and I found what might summarize his inner travels: this huge light tree that immediately related to our chats and the story of Buddha, carried by him in his huge back tattoo.

080 IMG_8774


During a vacation trip, Oliver sent a message saying that he admired a lot my work but would never have the courage to do anything like that. A few days later we were crossing the city in a taxi, heading towards a liberating experience for him.

120 IMG_9629

Eyeglasses, Between the Arch and the Abyss

Contact with Edipo led to the discovery of natural wonders from my native state, both human and natural. 

080 IMG_6710

Eyes that Can't Behold

Sometimes the new is right in front of us, but remains unseen. A moment of change and reflection.

IMG_0124 Shaffer

Who Watches The Lurkers

Abandoned places can be a kind of doorway to our unconscious or buried thoughts and wishes. By entering those places one may experience all sorts of sensations and let imagination run free. To some of us it may work as an independent territory, where the reins that usually bind our daily actions can be held a little looser. The reenactment of a game played by the subject in places like that was the theme for these photos, in an abandoned brewery in  former East Berlin.

IMG_9557 Shaffer

Brewery Ballroom

Exploring fantasies and taking the game of seeing and being seen to another level amidst the chaos of what used to be a  huge industrial installation.

120 IMG_9516


To Marcio, the making of the photos was an important moment, part of an ongoing process of overcoming a pathological fear of heights. 


Danger Series

A series involving many subjects, inspired by the many dangers and setbacks that have risen against the progessive sectors of Brazilian (not to say global) society, particularly against the gay community.


Venus as a Boy

Dealing with the feeling of belonging to a place you chose to live and the oneness with the natural beauties that surround it.
Rebirth, renewal and the celebration of the joys hidden in simple things, like the landscape that surrounds us.


White Clouds

Overcoming many fears and inhibitions, comes the liberating feeling of surrendering to something you wished for a long time. Like an eletrical discharge that has been building up, waiting to happen…


Playing Cat and Mouse

– “It is possible to shoot on the rooftop, but a genitor needs to be present all the time…”

(Thinking emoji)

–  Ok!


Rumbo al Sur

Chance once more doing its work, in what should be only an exploratory excursion for future photos.


The Long And Darkening Road

The more I talked with Luís about the situations we might portray in the photos, the more it all looked to me like a metaphor for the times we are living in Brazil.
Ideas revolving around situations of helplessness, isolation, and imminent danger. Being overpowered by forces one doesn’t control or even fully understand.



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