Night expeditions, escapades and chance encounters

About the Project

In times we seem to isolate ourselves more and more in bubbles of comfort and conformity, I felt the need to subvert the way we relate to each other and treat ourselves. With the project I intended to get in touch with strangers, usually through dating apps, and tried to convince them to give a new meaning to the connections we make in the network and so many other environments. Almost as an experiment, the idea was to create bonds: convince people to start a series of conversations with a stranger, whose goal was to open themselves up, expose themselves, share all sorts of intimate aspects.

 The final goal of these conversations was the creation of images that would be somehow related to the person depicted. By handling and browsing into their intimacy, look for themes that might be materialized into images. The conversations, a kind of veil and layer removing process, would climax with meeting in person, in order to make the photos.

 In about ten years those conversations have resulted in a huge amount of images.


The Process


Looking for potential participants, mainly via dating apps.

Making Contact

Get in touch with people, explaining the goals of the project.


Convince the participants to open themselves up and share as much information as possible on all kinds of idiosyncrasies, experiences and intimate aspects.


Start a series of conversations, that may last for weeks or months, relating to motivations behind reported actions, feelings, reactions to facts of life, desires, fears, dreams and plans for the future.


Processing all the information received (and mixing it with my own experiences).


Get to the creation of the images.

Some Experiences

To Marcio, the making of the photos was an important moment, part of an ongoing process of overcoming a pathological fear of heights. 

During a vacation trip, Oliver sent a message saying that he admired a lot my work but would never have the courage to do anything like that. A few days later we were crossing the city in a taxi, heading towards a liberating experience for him.

Finding someone willing to put in practice the crazy idea of taking nude pictures in “impossible” places. After some chatting the impossible was materialized in key places of Rio de Janeiro, wilhe the country was frozen in front of the tv sets, during the innaugural match of 2014’s World Cup.

For a wider range of experiences accumulated in this project, just click on the maze.